Sunday, December 12, 2010

sayonara advertlets!

today, i officially disable all advertlets ads from this blog.
i gave them chance, sent emails, but they tarnished their own name.
so long scammers!


too risky to make any promises.
if my pc is ok, probably in a week or two.



after all the hardships within these 6 months, finally i have finished editing

this the cover for episode 100, the final episode.
now open for order.

just email me.

we'll negotiate.


before the borak starts, selamat menyambut maal hijrah.

as for those who sent emails, i couldn't reply your orders because i got no confidence to process them under these circumstances, i practically don't have a pc for almost a month. that's why i had to live in exile until before today. however i'll start contacting all of you within this coming week. i can't reply today since i forgot an important file, left it at home.
i deeply apologize for all the wait that you guys are bearing. but i'll be clear, the processing time would be a bit longer than before. it's killing me every time my pc restarts when i'm burning a DVD!
luckily i always backup my scans in an external hard drive. at least i can burn them at my brother's house.

aaaa...racd... which one are you?
you are one of the lucky earliest people to get my version of WIRA2 KEINDERAAN.
enjoy and i thank you for your trust. he paid over a month ago, guys.
sadly, right after i sent the pos express to you,
my pc got problem again.

it restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart restart again.

today can use,
tomorrow restart restart restart restart from dawn till dusk,
day after tomoorow a little restart then i can already use it,
the next day again like hell.
as for today, sunday, 12 december 2010, i know don't yet since i haven't touched my pc.

i sent my pc to a pomen, after almost 3 weeks he said:
it's due to viruses, he cleaned the viruses and reformatted my hard drive. not related to hardware. paid RM 50.

i don't really buy that, because i always scan my drives especially the removable ones.
even though i don't have internet connection, i still update my antivirus by downloading the updates from cyber cafe, bring it home and update it from my pendrive.

after that service, my pc is usable without any problems for only 6 hours. i shut it down because it's midnight and i wanted to sleep.

the next morning after subuh prayers, i switched on the pc with a burning spirit, a desire to finish the editing process for wira2 keinderaan, but... damn... it restart restart restart restart again.

seems like i have to do it my self then. i contacted the pomen, asking for advice.
however, the advice doesn't seem helpful. that is when i became very upset because the pomen claimed that he didn't check the hardware at all.
in my opinion, it's gotta be hardware problems.

so i tried the cheapest possible solution first. for RM 5, i bought the heat sink compound. well, it has been 3 years, it looked dry to me. man... that didn't work out LOL!!!
but the next morning, eh... can use ma!
i use it form 8 am to 11 pm.
but the next day, aiiyyyaaa, again it plays with me.

so i look into my wallet. hmmm, still got something. not enough for motherboard, cpu and ram, but enough for a hard disk.
so... brave die not die (berani mati x mati)!

i bought a new internal hard drive:
western digital 500 GB SATA for RM 113 plus sata cable RM 5
to replace my 5-year-old seagate 40 GB IDE hard drive (i don't remember how many times has been reformatted, so it's a suspect).

and uh, it almost work! got some restarts, but then i can use it, everyday.
in one week i finished the editing process for wira2 keinderaan.
but it starts to happen again starting from last thursday, 9 december 2010.

so for the next target, i will bet on the motherboard. done a bit research, just for the cheapest,
asrock G41C-VS, RM 145.
why? i don't play heavy games, just basic is enough, and my old DDR2 667 mhz ram can still fit in for testing. i'll get it at the end of this month, probably.

bit by bit, it will be like a new pc altogether, ha3. it's better than giving out money freely to pomens who can't really be trusted anymore.

hu3, do pray for my success with repairing my pc, because i really really want to finish other projects.

tata :). hope when i go home today, i can use my pc....