Thursday, November 12, 2015

Manhua Revival Project

assalaamu alaikum dan salam sejahtera.
lama btul aku x tgk blog ni.
busy memanjang.
projek2 scan tertangguh sokmo.
external hard disk pun dah kong.
mujur ada backup kat orang.
tapi projek2 dalam proses semua bungkus.
aku kena start semula dari awal untuk on-going projects.

sekarang, CERITA UTAMA.
perhatian untuk semua yg mengenali aku.
skrg ni, komik hong kong dalam pasaran dah tinggal Jejak Wira Versi Baru.
tinggal satu tajuk je.
harap2, x le jadi tergantung.
biar le terbit sampai tamat.
ada kawan2 dan kenalan aku yg berminat nak terbitkan komik2 Hong Kong yg baru dan menyambung tajuk2 yg tergantung sebelum ni.
keizinan dari Hong Kong dah dapat.
so skrg ni, diorg nak tgk sambutan mcm mana.
kalo sambutan cukup, diorang akan teruskan projek.
untuk maklumat lanjut, sila join group FB Legasi Manhua Malaysia dan like posting di link berikut:
selain itu, mohon juga sebarkan kpd kawan2 lain yg kaki komik juga.
dgn sebaran yg secukupnya, harap2 dgn secara berperingkat2, kegemilangan komik2 hong kong (manhua) era 1990-an dapat dikembalikan.
lagi banyak like, lagi cerah harapan projek akan diteruskan.

page fb aku Ji Fat.
tapi x de apa pun, hu3
sekian, terima kasih.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


hi everyone.
6 weeks ago, on a rainy tuesday night, my father passed away.
al-fatihah to him.
and i'm telling you, unless you experience it yourself, you certainly have no idea what it feels like.
no matter how much we do for our parents, when the time finally comes, it will never be enough.
for those who still have parents, or one of them, cherish them.
there will always be regrets, but at least you'd have done your best for them.
or maybe, you'll have no regrets.

life goes on.
next, new projects of course.
i'm targeting a number of simultaneous titles.
i'm becoming a bit crazy, just picked up these titles from my comics racks.
some are short, some are long.
let's see how much i can do within 2014.
i really need to take my mind off of things, hu3.

ARENA PERWIRA (26 volumes)

already scanned volume 1.
if you love Swordsman drama series, this is a must have.

PEDANG SETIAWAN PART I (episodes 0 - 114)
already scanned biografi penjejak awan.
i prefer to call it episode 0.

i'll continue with Versi Ciptaan Semula of episode 1.

then episode 1 - 10 from Jilid Besar.
maybe i'll add some pages from Jilid Kecil.

episodes 11 onwards will be scanned from the original single releases.

about PART II (episodes 115 - 252), well, we'll get to that once i've finished PART 1.

RAJA WIRA (33 episodes)

SVC CHAOS: SNK VS CAPCOM (i forgot how many episodes. probably 33.)


suddenly i got my hands on better hardcopies of this title.
i'll definitely rescan the episodes that i previously scanned from the Jilid Kecil.
but not sure yet whether i'm going to rescan the whole series.
we'll see.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 (52 episodes)
sequel to WIRA NAGA SAKTI.
wow, the metallic silver parts are still shiny.

GURUH BADAI II (10 episodes)
should have done it years ago.

PENDEKAR II: RICO (4 episodes)
should have done it years ago too.

PUBLIC ENEMY 2 (25 episodes)
should have done it years ago three.

i'm logging off of the cyber cafe.
until next time...

before i go, i've scanned WIRA TUNGGAL PHOENIX only up to episode 5.
sorry, forgot the episode cover.
a lot has happened in the past few months, so, you know what i mean.
hospital and all other stuff.

again, see ya later, alligator :P

Saturday, March 1, 2014


salaam and umm.... good early morning everyone!
almost 1 a.m. right now. can't stay long in this friggin' noisy cyber cafe!

i hereby confirm that WIRA TUNGGAL PHOENIX scan project is a go.

i've just checked right before dusk. all of the issues are there, 301 - 438. so, i can't promise when it will be finished. just wait and see. i'll do my best. hope that it will be much faster than my previous scan projects.

also, i'm checking some other titles. if everything is still complete, they will be a go too.
i'll announce them as multiple simultaneous projects, well probably.

me and my big mouth! WIRA GOLOK took a year and now i'm talking about multiple titles in the same year?

what can i say? I'M CRAZYYYY.

so, don't take my words seriously unless you really see that i really did them all.

i thought i could watch a movie after WIRA GOLOK. in the end, i watched none!
too tired maa!

so, see ya guys later with probably good news :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

PROJECT STATUS: WIRA GOLOK DONE! slice and dice you...

salaam all.

i hereby officially announce that I have finished scanning and editing WIRA GOLOK.
yay, all 180 episodes. lots of slicing and slashing in them!

i only have 2 original single issues, i.e. 1 and 21.

the rest are scanned from jilid version.
the final volume (jilid) is 36.

as i finally enter this blog again after almost a year, i just realized that i've completely forgotten to make an official announcement that WIRA GOLOK project is a go. i did start scanning it in March 2013. then i went all the way to finish it last week. silly me.

with this, i officially admit that i have become SENILE, hu3.
oh, and of course, before i forget anything else, WIRA GOLOK is now open for order.
you can email me for details on how to order, or just simply head to to this page at mudah portal:

you'll get my contact number, price, and... i guess enough info for you to make an order.
sms only, no calls please.

to view my listing, go here:

i better start contacting those who waited for WIRA GOLOK all this while.
quite a long list though.

please don't ask me to upload. not happening.
what else?
ah, yes. if you post a comment here, you'll probably have to wait for ages for my reply.
remember? i forget things.
just email me or sms me, okay? you'll get a reply much quicker this way.

now, i'm taking a break, probably a week or two, watch some movies, then, hopefully i will remember to make an official announcement regarding future projects.

until then, thank you so much for your patience and see you later guys.
and gone with the wind again i will be.....

Monday, March 4, 2013


oh, yes i'm doing it.
i just need to have the right mood to start it.
until then, see ya later!!!


before the senile me truly leave this internet cafe, i would like to thank kurt rock, kaizer and nakabu for their Juara Wira comic scans. episodes 1 - 5 are truly lost treasures. i believe the comic fans of Juara Wira owe you guys big time. the reboot scan from episode 6 is also well crafted. kudos to you guys.
i may not appear visible in your blogs, but i do visit many times. being invisible is quite fun actually.

as for the senior scan masters, i respect you guys for not giving up. all the best and may you have marvelous days ahead. old and new, good luck everyone in everything you do ^_^


salaam to all.

2012 has been a busy and challenging year, be it work, family, everything got tough. especially the second half of it. for the first time in my life, i got the chance to board an ambulance. i was not the one who's sick, but believe me, i almost got sick myself! really, really dizzy i was. worried for the sick, fun crazy drive with the nenong-nenong sound, but gladly everything went well. i'm telling you, once your family members turn over 70 and 80, you'll need a lot of patience and preparation. everything else became lower in my priority list.

as for me, my goodness, my memory is getting worse! i hope i won't become senile way too early. this is just the short story. let's skip the long story, shall we?

as i try to update this almost forgotten blog (senile me), the GUI is already so different i really did scratch my head, a bit. with this, i officially announce that i have finished Wira Tunggal project. episodes 1 - 85 were almost 100% re-scanned and re-edited. very few pages from the old free version were good enough to be included in this final version. so, yeah, no regrets with this one. 300 episodes of high quality and pure love for this comic series. it took me 15 months to do it. crazy? yeah, even my niece told me that. only for 20 sen per episode.

to anyone who makes a full order of the Wira Tunggal series, i will give them free gifts:

1- Cerita Tambahan Wira Tunggal complete 2 parts (freshly scanned), and...

 2- Empayar complete 2 parts (also freshly scanned).

as to how to make an order, please go to this page:

and please, don't ask me to upload them. it's a death sentence, hu3.

and within the shadows i hide myself, again....

godd bye!