Sunday, February 16, 2014

PROJECT STATUS: WIRA GOLOK DONE! slice and dice you...

salaam all.

i hereby officially announce that I have finished scanning and editing WIRA GOLOK.
yay, all 180 episodes. lots of slicing and slashing in them!

i only have 2 original single issues, i.e. 1 and 21.

the rest are scanned from jilid version.
the final volume (jilid) is 36.

as i finally enter this blog again after almost a year, i just realized that i've completely forgotten to make an official announcement that WIRA GOLOK project is a go. i did start scanning it in March 2013. then i went all the way to finish it last week. silly me.

with this, i officially admit that i have become SENILE, hu3.
oh, and of course, before i forget anything else, WIRA GOLOK is now open for order.
you can email me for details on how to order, or just simply head to to this page at mudah portal:

you'll get my contact number, price, and... i guess enough info for you to make an order.
sms only, no calls please.

to view my listing, go here:

i better start contacting those who waited for WIRA GOLOK all this while.
quite a long list though.

please don't ask me to upload. not happening.
what else?
ah, yes. if you post a comment here, you'll probably have to wait for ages for my reply.
remember? i forget things.
just email me or sms me, okay? you'll get a reply much quicker this way.

now, i'm taking a break, probably a week or two, watch some movies, then, hopefully i will remember to make an official announcement regarding future projects.

until then, thank you so much for your patience and see you later guys.
and gone with the wind again i will be.....