Saturday, March 1, 2014


salaam and umm.... good early morning everyone!
almost 1 a.m. right now. can't stay long in this friggin' noisy cyber cafe!

i hereby confirm that WIRA TUNGGAL PHOENIX scan project is a go.

i've just checked right before dusk. all of the issues are there, 301 - 438. so, i can't promise when it will be finished. just wait and see. i'll do my best. hope that it will be much faster than my previous scan projects.

also, i'm checking some other titles. if everything is still complete, they will be a go too.
i'll announce them as multiple simultaneous projects, well probably.

me and my big mouth! WIRA GOLOK took a year and now i'm talking about multiple titles in the same year?

what can i say? I'M CRAZYYYY.

so, don't take my words seriously unless you really see that i really did them all.

i thought i could watch a movie after WIRA GOLOK. in the end, i watched none!
too tired maa!

so, see ya guys later with probably good news :)