Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally, it 's DONE! Capcom vs SNK is completed...

Finally it is finished.
However, I have to be clear that this series was actually much longer, but the Bahasa version was cut to 26 episodes only by the publisher, don't know why actually.
But the freaking long and bloody battle which ends at episode 26 was good.
By the way, after 7 years of wait, I have to accept that it was the end.
For those who can read Chinese, I recommend this link:
You'll find episode 27 onwards there.
Now, the 26 episodes of Bahasa version is open for order.
Haven't checked any messages within week, sorry, been busy.
This blog? Whoa, when did I last check in? Ages ago!
I'll start checking probably tonight.


frei said...

m,cm mane nak dwld?

jifat79 said...

kena oder la, aku pos. aku dah x upload, pencen upload2 ni.
email ke:

tq for asking :)

a-lone-ranger said...

x complete ke siri dia ni

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