Monday, November 7, 2011


you know, when my customers started asking about people uploading my scans, i had to defend myself.
i don't want them to feel tricked by me.
i have left a message in every order: PLEASE DON'T UPLOAD MY SCANS ANYWHERE.

i believe most of them understand my problem.
however, what can i do if they choose to ignore the message?
in the end, the choice is their hands.
for those who didn't upload them, i thank you greatly from the depths of my heart.
for those who did, i don't have any words left to say.
i have my reasoning, you have yours.
good luck for whatever you do.
i'll just do what i do best. well, i'll just upgrade the customer order procedure.

oh, before i go home, anyone who thinks that this is about money, you are gravely mistaken.
when comparing 20 - 25 sen per episode with 40 minutes of scanning, while the editing time fluctuates between 15 minutes to 1 hour for each episode, i don't think it is too much to ask.

sometime ago, i did mention (that post was deleted because i was super furious at that time) that that my projects are personal.
disasters can happen at any time, i'm scanning my comics as a personal backup.
others can have them, but i can't give them for free. it is my sweat and time. i do have a say in that, don't i?
i will keep scanning even if one day i might stop blogging and sharing news about them,
even if no one orders them. at least i did something to save them, right?

arararara (japanese term)...
it's maghrib prayers time.
well see ya later :D


Anonymous said...

Salam... saya nak order wira-wira keinderaan yang sudah discan(complete).Macam mana caranya ye.Ini email saya Thank U.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sy nak order alam pewira 1 dan pedang setiawan

xblade said...

Salam email sy

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