Monday, March 4, 2013


salaam to all.

2012 has been a busy and challenging year, be it work, family, everything got tough. especially the second half of it. for the first time in my life, i got the chance to board an ambulance. i was not the one who's sick, but believe me, i almost got sick myself! really, really dizzy i was. worried for the sick, fun crazy drive with the nenong-nenong sound, but gladly everything went well. i'm telling you, once your family members turn over 70 and 80, you'll need a lot of patience and preparation. everything else became lower in my priority list.

as for me, my goodness, my memory is getting worse! i hope i won't become senile way too early. this is just the short story. let's skip the long story, shall we?

as i try to update this almost forgotten blog (senile me), the GUI is already so different i really did scratch my head, a bit. with this, i officially announce that i have finished Wira Tunggal project. episodes 1 - 85 were almost 100% re-scanned and re-edited. very few pages from the old free version were good enough to be included in this final version. so, yeah, no regrets with this one. 300 episodes of high quality and pure love for this comic series. it took me 15 months to do it. crazy? yeah, even my niece told me that. only for 20 sen per episode.

to anyone who makes a full order of the Wira Tunggal series, i will give them free gifts:

1- Cerita Tambahan Wira Tunggal complete 2 parts (freshly scanned), and...

 2- Empayar complete 2 parts (also freshly scanned).

as to how to make an order, please go to this page:

and please, don't ask me to upload them. it's a death sentence, hu3.

and within the shadows i hide myself, again....

godd bye!


Anonymous said...

U still have the comic?

Mohd Hariz Othman said...

salam bro... wira tunggal pheonix n babarian x ade projek tak?

Anonymous said...

Mcm mana nak order. Pls email at

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