Wednesday, May 21, 2014


hi everyone.
6 weeks ago, on a rainy tuesday night, my father passed away.
al-fatihah to him.
and i'm telling you, unless you experience it yourself, you certainly have no idea what it feels like.
no matter how much we do for our parents, when the time finally comes, it will never be enough.
for those who still have parents, or one of them, cherish them.
there will always be regrets, but at least you'd have done your best for them.
or maybe, you'll have no regrets.

life goes on.
next, new projects of course.
i'm targeting a number of simultaneous titles.
i'm becoming a bit crazy, just picked up these titles from my comics racks.
some are short, some are long.
let's see how much i can do within 2014.
i really need to take my mind off of things, hu3.

ARENA PERWIRA (26 volumes)

already scanned volume 1.
if you love Swordsman drama series, this is a must have.

PEDANG SETIAWAN PART I (episodes 0 - 114)
already scanned biografi penjejak awan.
i prefer to call it episode 0.

i'll continue with Versi Ciptaan Semula of episode 1.

then episode 1 - 10 from Jilid Besar.
maybe i'll add some pages from Jilid Kecil.

episodes 11 onwards will be scanned from the original single releases.

about PART II (episodes 115 - 252), well, we'll get to that once i've finished PART 1.

RAJA WIRA (33 episodes)

SVC CHAOS: SNK VS CAPCOM (i forgot how many episodes. probably 33.)


suddenly i got my hands on better hardcopies of this title.
i'll definitely rescan the episodes that i previously scanned from the Jilid Kecil.
but not sure yet whether i'm going to rescan the whole series.
we'll see.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 (52 episodes)
sequel to WIRA NAGA SAKTI.
wow, the metallic silver parts are still shiny.

GURUH BADAI II (10 episodes)
should have done it years ago.

PENDEKAR II: RICO (4 episodes)
should have done it years ago too.

PUBLIC ENEMY 2 (25 episodes)
should have done it years ago three.

i'm logging off of the cyber cafe.
until next time...

before i go, i've scanned WIRA TUNGGAL PHOENIX only up to episode 5.
sorry, forgot the episode cover.
a lot has happened in the past few months, so, you know what i mean.
hospital and all other stuff.

again, see ya later, alligator :P


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